Amy Hershey

Powell Butte, OR, United States

Yes it did help!  Thank you!


Sep 16 at 06:46 PM


I am really wanting to understand bits and what to use when on my colts as they progress in training.   I am a firm believer in using my legs to ride them into the bit and keeping them soft. What bits in general do you recommend when transitioning out of the snaffle?  

Thank you! 

May 22 at 09:14 PM


Richard Boatwright

I just got the package this weekend!!  

Thank you!!!


Apr 30 at 05:42 PM

Thank you for the response:). That helped a lot. Sometimes these kind of colts are misunderstood and I just want to do good by him.  This has helped me look at him with more understanding and patience. 



Apr 03 at 07:47 PM

I have a two yr old that I am getting ready to start. I have saddled him and it took all of 15 mins. My question is, when a colt is as gentle as he is, what are things i can do to wake him up and get his feet moving. I don't think he is lazy but not very reactive😳. 

Dec 24 at 11:59 PM

We got 12” of snow and had to start feeding our cows that were in good feed😞. Then it got down to 3 degrees so the snow stayed for a while. BUT It has warmed up in the last couple days and everything is melting!! I have never been so happy to deal with mud!😂😂. Might get to quit feeding and let the cows go back to grazing. But it is WAY colder in other areas of the nation. Just watched a YouTube video of some ranchers taking care of cattle in -50😳😳

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Nov 04 at 11:05 PM

Yes, this was great help! It helps me to know when to ask for the increase in speed. It will be good for the times we trail the me something to do! Lol

Thank you so much for your time:)

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Nov 04 at 09:17 AM

Thank you for taking the time to answer! That makes total sense and I will use that:). It makes sense to not ask for speed til after the turn. The turn probably falls apart?

Thank you again


Nov 02 at 08:05 PM

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Hello, I am mentoring under you Richard, without you knowing! I am learning so much about riding colts and just improving my horsemanship. My husband and I are ranchers and I ride colts on the side. I wouldn’t call myself a trainer but a student of making good horses. I recently bought two colts that are full brothers. One is a long yearling and the other is a 2 yr old with 30 days, and it looks like 30 good days, lol. They are Gunnatrashya, Reminic, Nic it in the bud. Both are really gentle and need to learn to be a bit more responsive. What are some exercises or things I can do to get that quick response without a lot of spurring or frustration😳. We move our cattle to different pastures throughout the winter so I want to start taking the two year old Anything outside I can do to quicken things up?

Thanks again for posting all these videos! I refer to them often


Central Oregon