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The ride of a lifetime awaits! B1 Horsemanship is your link to gaining a deeper understanding of your horse.   It is also a deep community of like-minded people all seeking to better their skills and share their experiences.


Richard's program is solid, his real world approach, & application by using a working viewpoint to prepare horses to maximize their potential, & future. In a world of fast talking Conartist, that really only want to sell you their merchandise, & string folks along for the ride with no interest nor intention to educate people, Richard's message & program only offers the knowledge, & skills to help people get the most from their time in the saddle. From one Horseman to another, I'm a fan.

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B1 Member

"B1 horsemanship has not only been a great source for training my horses, but it is also quite entertaining. Richard gets right to the point, he doesn’t waste time and he is very good at helping you and the horse understand the overall vision. He always puts the horse first. He is honest and patient with subscribers and horses. Thankful to have found a trainer that has made it so easy for me to follow his techniques and lessons."

John B.

Owner, Cumberland Ranch/B1 Member

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