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Horses don't communicate like we do.

It's not hard to understand them if you know what to look for.

Whether you're wanting to solve problems or improve performance,

B1 can help.

You will find answers to most of your horse training questions in our extensive catalog.

We are available anytime to answer questions, help troubleshoot,

create custom resources, and encourage you. 


What do you get with B1?

a horse that......

Stays focused on you

Stops when asked to stop

Stays between your reins and legs

Crosses obstacles

Has speed control

Goes where asked to go

Respects the "Code"

What does your horse get with B1?

a rider that.....

Listens to them

Knows how to communicate with them

Knows what to do when something goes wrong

Forgives mistakes

Knows how to lead

Wondering where to start?

We've got you covered!

Start with the ES 20 Program

Then choose your own path

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Awesome program. Richard is authentic and wants to see members be successful. He goes above and beyond to help members resolve problems and make healthy progress. Highly recommend B1 Horsemanship!


Aaron B.

Bi Member

Google Reviews

Richard's program is solid, his real world approach, & application by using a working viewpoint to prepare horses to maximize their potential, & future. In a world of fast talking Conartist, that really only want to sell you their merchandise, & string folks along for the ride with no interest nor intention to educate people, Richard's message & program only offers the knowledge, & skills to help people get the most from their time in the saddle. From one Horseman to another, I'm a fan.


M&L Performance Horses

B1 Member

Facebook Reviews

B1 horsemanship has not only been a great source for training my horses, but it is also quite entertaining. Richard gets right to the point, he doesn’t waste time and he is very good at helping you and the horse understand the overall vision. He always puts the horse first. He is honest and patient with subscribers and horses. Thankful to have found a trainer that has made it so easy for me to follow his techniques and lessons.


John B

B1 Member

Facebook Reviews

I have been using Richard’s B1 program now for over a year and have had nothing but success with it. He uses proven methods to help his viewers train their horses and also train themselves in the process. In the past, I sent a few horses off to “horse trainers” only to get back a horse that had been starved down or only rode about three times in 30 days. It was nothing but a waste of time and a huge waste of money. Since becoming a B1 member, I have learned a lot about my horses and myself. I am not saying I am a pro at it, but what I can honestly say is in one year I have learned a tremendous amount of very helpful information about training horses. I have also gained confidence in my ability to ride my own horses and understand them.


C. Gun

Google Reviews

I can’t say enough positive things about Richard and B1. I purchased the series of content for a specific reason and I couldn’t be more pleased with my results. I needed to saddle break and 3 year old mare after she experienced some trauma and the ES20 videos and Richard personally guided me through the process. I literally just hopped off her from riding just now. I’ve learned much more from Richard than just what the videos show. I haven’t watched them all but plan on it and I will keep training my young horses and finishing them myself. Forever grateful


Tony M. 

B1 Member

Google Reviews

Some of the best training, and instructional horsemanship videos I’ve ever used. Mr. Boatwright uses a very Intentional set of rules as a foundation in his program and, I really appreciate the clear and valuable tools he offers that you will use on a day to day basis on your journey to success as horseman and good stockman. Mr. Boatwright is also extremely responsive to the B1 member community and helps out with any areas a member might be struggling with. I highly recommend his program it has been super beneficial, and game changing for me to becoming a better horsemen, stockmen and, has definitely made a huge impact on my daily approach of training and handling my horse.


Matt T.

B1 Member

Google Reviews