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May 14

Hey Richard. I have a horse that wind sucks. Is the a way to train it out or are chemical  sprays our only option 

February 10

We took the kids snowboarding this week.  I hated to leave work, but I'm glad I did.  Epic!

April 26

Hello Richard Boatwright - I've been working with a horse that's starting to decide she doesn't want you to hold her feet for more than a few seconds. She's 10 or so, and I think this is kind of new behavior. Do you have any videos on tips for picking up feet? Thought I've seen one in the past but now I can find it. Thanks as always!


Who's been watching the latest ES20?  Is it working for you?

February 26

Hi, I have a couple Welsh Pony fillies whom I’ve had since they were born - 3yo & 2yo. The 3-yo knows me very well. I’ve halter broke her and got her desensitized to picking up feet and objects like saddle blankets and bareback pads.  I’ve tried starting her myself but the problem I am having is I can’t get her to move. I’ve tried flapping & flapping, progressively waiving the flag & whip harder and harder, even snapping her a bit on the backside over & over and only at that point will she just give me a little side eye and so then I let up on the pressure to reward her but then she just goes back to whatever she’s interested in. It’s only when I turn to walk away from her completely, then she gives me her full attention and comes up and tries to rest her head on my shoulder. I think she may be too familiar with me. Do you have any suggestions for how I can get her to move away from my pressure? 


Any thoughts on changes to training plan when a 2 year old, soon to be 3 filly comes into heat during  the ES20? 

March 11

Working on the spin.

Good morning sir, I was looking to add speed to spin and would greatly appreciate any advice/ critiques

Richard Boatwright  


Gday how we all? I’m from New Zealand and enjoy watching and learning on here. I was just wondering if you have any advice on a good ranch rope to purchase. I was looking at some of the 3:10 ranch life polys but was wondering if you had an opion. Cheers Ben 

March 10

Truax - Week 2 Spin

Richard Boatwright

March 17

Is that a 40' round pen you are working in?