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Richard Boatwright


Oct 04 at 09:11 AM

All that sounds good.  I think if you just keep going down that path, he'll get it.  I had a gelding once that was really crazy over little calves.  He'd either spook and try to leave the country or attack them and try to kill them.  Once, I was penning some pairs and a little 3 day old calf got kind of stuck in the fence corner.  I just rode ol' Henry (gelding's name) up in the corner nice and quiet so the calf could find his way out.  All of a sudden the calf came flying by my head screaming!  Henry had grabbed the calf in his teeth and flung him through the air.  The calf was ok but, I didn't let Henry around calves for a long time after that.  We spent ALOT of time tracking them around and eventually he got to where I could use him.  🤠


Sep 27 at 08:56 AM

Aaron Olson Great news!


Sep 25 at 08:28 PM

Aaron Olson glad to hear you're having some success.  keep us posted.  Richard


Sep 25 at 07:30 AM

Aaron Olson  How're things going with your colt?


Sep 25 at 07:28 AM

That's great news, Matt!  Thanks for the update.  


Sep 25 at 07:27 AM

Hi Ronny,  how's it going with your gelding?  Any progress?


Sep 22 at 05:54 PM

Hi Ronny,  Have you tried just following the little calves around?  Thats the best thing I've found for that kind of phobia.  If you can set it up where he can track a calf around the pen for a few minutes a few times a week, it should get him straightened out.  Let me know if that helps. Richard


Sep 19 at 01:56 PM

Lucas G Truax Wish I could.  Too many commitments!😕


Sep 19 at 06:24 AM

This looks like a blast!  🤠