September 11, 2023

Got a question on a colt I started. This is the first colt that I've started from scratch trying to follow your program the best I can. So far, I've taken things really slow and I feel like I have a good handle on him at the walk/trot...good overall control at these gates, working off legs nicely and stops when I sit at these speeds. I've loped him around in the round pen and he does fine although his lope is pretty fast. When I go into my large arena (140/250) his loping gets a bit faster and out of control, and by out of control nothing really bad but he gets super fast and really loses his circle by drifting to the outside of the circle really bad and not wanting to respect the rein pressure and legs at this gate. (I'm using a snaffle with a broken dog bone in the middle)

So I'm a bit stuck on what to do here. Not sure if I missed something at the slower speeds or if there is something I can work on to try and help with this. We trot a lot of circles and he does well with that but loping not so much. If you have a video that addresses this maybe you can point me too it. Appreciate all your content and all I've learned so far.