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Aaron Olson

Elkmont, AL, United States

Sep 26 at 05:22 PM

Richard Boatwright First ride since the incident went very well today. Did some ground work first then a ride with no hopefully we are back to progressing again. 


Sep 25 at 02:22 PM

Richard Boatwright Hey Richard...thanks for checking in. I've worked with him a bunch on the ground the last week or so...lots of ground work and ground driving. I made me a new set of drive lines and over the last few days have actually gotten a good bit better with managing the lines, so that's been a good exercise for me as much as him. 

We haven't had any more issues working from the ground. I suspect if I had done a little ground work before I climbed on last time, if he was going to pop his cork, it would have happened before I climbed on. Lesson learned on my part. 

My next session I plan to try and ride him again. My plan is to just keep it slow and have a few short sessions, trot circles things like that to try and have a few positive rides for the both of us before we start trying to progress further...unless you have some other ideas on what I should do.

Thanks again for checking in. I was planning to publish an update later this evening. 



Sep 17 at 09:37 PM

Richard Boatwright Ground work has been good. Could not work this weekend unfortunately due to rain. Planning to do some ground work and ground drive a time or two more before riding again. Thanks for asking. 


Sep 13 at 09:03 PM

Richard Boatwright Good idea on the ground driving…I hadn’t thought of that. Will certainly give that a shot tomorrow if he seems good. Thanks for the help! 


Sep 13 at 07:38 PM

Richard Boatwright I didn’t lunge him which I usually do for a few circles each way before I climb on, but he’s never done anything silly so I didn’t this time. I did move him a few steps from where I saddled him before I got on. 

I caught him after I dusted myself off and did some light ground work to try and end on a good note but he looked like he was sore after the flip so I didn’t try and ride again. He still looked a bit sore today so I didn’t try and ride again this evening. 


Sep 13 at 01:25 PM

Richard Boatwright I’ve lost count but around 30 I would guess. I had an unexpected incident last night. Saddled him up, climbed on and starting flexing left and right and before I knew it he tensed up, back up quickly and flipped over…fortunately I was able to get off the side and didn’t get seriously hurt. I’m sure his confidence is wrecked as well as mine so don’t know where I’m going from here. Sure didn’t see that coming as he’s been super chill. I’m gonna have the vet check him out to make sure there isn’t something health or mouth related that could have caused that. 


Sep 12 at 03:09 PM

Yep sounds good. Thanks for the info and I think I watched that video but will definitely give it a watch again before tonight's session.  



Sep 11 at 01:46 PM

Got a question on a colt I started. This is the first colt that I've started from scratch trying to follow your program the best I can. So far, I've taken things really slow and I feel like I have a good handle on him at the walk/trot...good overall control at these gates, working off legs nicely and stops when I sit at these speeds. I've loped him around in the round pen and he does fine although his lope is pretty fast. When I go into my large arena (140/250) his loping gets a bit faster and out of control, and by out of control nothing really bad but he gets super fast and really loses his circle by drifting to the outside of the circle really bad and not wanting to respect the rein pressure and legs at this gate. (I'm using a snaffle with a broken dog bone in the middle)

So I'm a bit stuck on what to do here. Not sure if I missed something at the slower speeds or if there is something I can work on to try and help with this. We trot a lot of circles and he does well with that but loping not so much. If you have a video that addresses this maybe you can point me too it. Appreciate all your content and all I've learned so far.


Apr 21 at 02:44 PM




Apr 20 at 11:20 PM

Just wanted to say I’m really enjoying this site. I’ve ridden for a long time and always wanted to start a colt and this year was the year. I watched all of your colt starting videos multiple times and started on the journey. So far, I’ve done 3 weeks of ground work and have 4 rides to date. All has gone very well up to this point. I’m developing a very willing partner. I really appreciate your content and look forward to learning more and continuing on the journey.