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Hello friends, Nat and I have been discussing ideas for future content and we are looking for suggestions. Do any of you have a specific video request? Maybe a problem you're having or just something you'd like to see on the site?

Have a horse here that I can throw anything on (ie. tarps, bags, saddle pads, bags filled with rocks for weight etc). Yet when it comes to the saddle as soon as it lands on his back (wether I do it slow or quick) he takes off bucking. He’s good to cinch up with my surcingle and such. I can throw stuff all around him. It’s only the saddle. 

How do I stop this?

As soon as it’s fully on his back he’s gone and it falls off. I try to turn him so I can keep it on him but he kicks out at my knees. 

I’ve thought to try and tie him but worry I’ll get in a huge wreck. 

a client has bought an 5 y/o ex reining horse for her 21 y/o to "learn" how to ride. When we received this horse it was apparent he wasn't right. From ulcers to worms to unerupted canine and now a patella problem. When this horse has been put in a stressful situation he drops his head and goes for it. If you have a good seat it doesn't last long , however, this needs to stop so he can become a decent citizen and stick around. Else he gets sold again. Id just as soon help him rather than him hurt someone down the road.


Steve R

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Well, our epic adventure in North Park is over and we're home.  It feels good to be back in my own bed, but I already miss the work and the people of Walden.  Not to mention the scenery and the weather!  Anyone else have summer adventures to share?

July 31

Hey Richard Boatwright, Do you recommend letting a horse that was recently started having some time off? My filly is still growing and wondering if I should give her some time off to let her body catch up. 

June 07

Hello Richard Boatwright! I've recently come across your training videos and love the exercises you have for colts. Question, my filly is having a hard time listening outside of an arena (particularly at a lope; ex. she'll lope off decently, not perfect, but then shift over to the barn/pasture and not listen to leg or hand cues), do you have any recommended drills to help this? 

Richard Boatwright - I have a question. I've seen patience poles used to teach a horse to tie up - is that a method you recommend?

Wanted to say thanks Richard Boatwright for the content and share a success story with my wife's horse. We have roped some off of him and he's tolerated but never been completely good with it. Like good horsemen (sarcasm) we left it go because it's sometimes more fun to rope than it is to work on your horse. Last couple outs he got tangled a little bit and had a couple near wrecks.

We went back through your 'How to Prep a Colt to Rope' exercises and started him back on it the right way. We found quite a few 'resistance' areas which we would not have wanted to find in the saddle! This is him after he eventually decided that the rope attached to his foot was going to kill him.

Thanks again!

Thank you for good content it's helped me build my confidence and start training for the public after several years away thanks again

I have a 4 year old mare that paws and gets her leg caught when she is put in a pipe panel pen (mainly for feeding or when at a clinic, etc.).  She is well hobble broke and will just stand there until I come get her leg manipulated out, but I need her to STOP this.  Any ideas on techniques I could use to break her of this annoying (and potentially dangerous) habit?    Thanks!