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November 27

Hi Everyone - In several videos Richard refers to principles of horsemanship like starting/ending quiet, getting the fresh off, etc. 

Can anyone point me to a video or article the explains these concepts in a bit more detail?  Thanks!

November 24
• Edited (Nov 24, 2023)

Bucking and Using Marks

Mr. Boatwright,

Hope you're happily out of the Thanksgiving food coma. I had a couple questions:

1) My gray horse has started into some bucking recently. Thus far it has been when something scares him (specifically behind him) when we're moving fast. He's always been a little watchy about things, but these are the first times he's decided to really buck about it. I've used circles to correct him away from whatever object started things and then let him rest near the object but I'm not sure how clear that is to him. What are some ways you might address this? Should I try to have someone introduce things behind him and make him face up as a way to get used to things in that spot?

2) Using marks. I took the same grey horse out west last year and rode a bunch of pasture (at least a bunch to me) and came out of the deal with some using marks. I attributed them to poor saddle fit and have since switched saddles. After reviewing the marks I noticed that one side is significantly larger than the other. I'm thinking that may be due to me leaning and putting more weight on one side than the other.  Do you think that's a likely explanation?

Richard Boatwright

November 17

Who's watching the NCHA Futurity?  

I have an OTTB rescue & rehome business. Transitioning from English to Western style, different saddle, different EVERYTHING makes it challenging, but these athletes are eager to work. I am watching your videos and really appreciate the natural approach you take. I've watched just over 20 of your videos so far and still going. The most valuable for me (at this stage) is learning to soften up my 17.2 beasts to get them to respond with less force and more naturally because our communication is truly developing. I keep hearing you reference "the 5". I watched the 10 commandments videos - is there something on your 5 foundation I'm missing? Are the five part of your 10 commandments? 

I am honestly learning so much from your videos. Thank you, sir.

November 09

Good morning B1 members!  How's your fall going?


Hate that I missed your clinic over the weekend! Good friend of mine was there riding a filly I started couldn't believe he was taking her since he hadn't rode her since right after I brought her back but sounded like they had a good time!

a client has bought an 5 y/o ex reining horse for her 21 y/o to "learn" how to ride. When we received this horse it was apparent he wasn't right. From ulcers to worms to unerupted canine and now a patella problem. When this horse has been put in a stressful situation he drops his head and goes for it. If you have a good seat it doesn't last long , however, this needs to stop so he can become a decent citizen and stick around. Else he gets sold again. Id just as soon help him rather than him hurt someone down the road.


Steve R

September 20

6 yr old gelding, snaffle bit trained, gentle, kind, willing, has been started on heading and heeling, has drug some calves and loaded trucks, no buck, no kick.  Seems to have a fear of young calves, he does not buck, he just wants to leave.  I have tried different things to help.  I have had no success.  I would appreciate some advice.  Thank you in advance. 

September 11

Got a question on a colt I started. This is the first colt that I've started from scratch trying to follow your program the best I can. So far, I've taken things really slow and I feel like I have a good handle on him at the walk/trot...good overall control at these gates, working off legs nicely and stops when I sit at these speeds. I've loped him around in the round pen and he does fine although his lope is pretty fast. When I go into my large arena (140/250) his loping gets a bit faster and out of control, and by out of control nothing really bad but he gets super fast and really loses his circle by drifting to the outside of the circle really bad and not wanting to respect the rein pressure and legs at this gate. (I'm using a snaffle with a broken dog bone in the middle)

So I'm a bit stuck on what to do here. Not sure if I missed something at the slower speeds or if there is something I can work on to try and help with this. We trot a lot of circles and he does well with that but loping not so much. If you have a video that addresses this maybe you can point me too it. Appreciate all your content and all I've learned so far.


September 21

Mr. Boatwright I just wanted to give you some feedback on the advice you gave me for my gelding on how to get his pole soft. My wife took this picture for me so I could share on his progress, I couldn’t get him to truly give me his face before i had got your opinion on the problem and struggled with him being super stiff to the right side I have been chipping away a little at the beginning and (if needed) through out my training sessions with him everytime I ride, and I am super pumped at how far he has come, and how soft he is from when we started. your recommended drills and the video you posted were very beneficial and impactful on my training and approach with him and, he has continuously been improving so thank you very much sir,