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Nikoletta Carzis

Oxnard, CA, United States

Sep 15 at 11:44 PM

Richard Boatwright I'm in Ventura County - about 45 min north of Los Angeles, right on the coast. My horses get the cool ocean breeze!!


Sep 07 at 01:47 AM

In California with very humid conditions (vs normal dry). Raining at 85 degrees. Had a few inches from the hurricane that caused 1 abscess and softened up another enough for him to get a stone bruise. Looking at 80s this week😑

Replied on The Five?

Aug 08 at 10:53 AM

Richard Boatwright

Yes sir it does! Thank you so much for your response and all your valuable teachings.

Of my 8 horses - 4 are OTTBs and they have taught me so much, but I am committed to getting better with my training to give them all the best second chance opportunity, as well as help them mentally to acclimate. I am VERY proud of how far they've come, but always more to do and improve. I never feel like there is a point where you can step back and say "this is horse is squared away, nothing left to do." And there is certainly a million more things I need to learn as I evolve my training style. Constant growth for horse, trainer and rider is the journey for me, so THANK YOU for helping us all!!



Aug 07 at 10:26 AM

I have an OTTB rescue & rehome business. Transitioning from English to Western style, different saddle, different EVERYTHING makes it challenging, but these athletes are eager to work. I am watching your videos and really appreciate the natural approach you take. I've watched just over 20 of your videos so far and still going. The most valuable for me (at this stage) is learning to soften up my 17.2 beasts to get them to respond with less force and more naturally because our communication is truly developing. I keep hearing you reference "the 5". I watched the 10 commandments videos - is there something on your 5 foundation I'm missing? Are the five part of your 10 commandments? 

I am honestly learning so much from your videos. Thank you, sir.