Cameryn Sommerfeld

Sundre, Canada

Replied on Saddling issues

Aug 18 at 04:47 AM

Hello. All good. I was able to get him past that but he still bucks and kicks bad under saddle every day. He’s starting to calm a bit. Still not reliable enough to get on though. I have gotten up in the saddle on both sides and did sit on him for the first time today but he seemed extremely uncomfortable with me being centred on the saddle and not just on one side or the other. 

I also discovered he is partially blind in his right eye and that he does have back pain however the owner wants me to move forward with him anyhow.


Replied on Saddling issues

Jul 06 at 01:44 PM

Yeah. So far he’s good with cinches etc. He allowed me to set the pack saddle on him yesterday with a bit of a fight but I didn’t bother cinching it up. Hoping to move to a regular saddle sooner than later as the pack saddle is built for a mile and doesn’t fit him so I can’t cinch it up.

Commented on Saddling issues

Jun 29 at 06:43 PM

Also forgot to add that I have hobble trained and tried to saddle with hobbles on and he still takes off bucking.


Jun 29 at 06:39 PM

Have a horse here that I can throw anything on (ie. tarps, bags, saddle pads, bags filled with rocks for weight etc). Yet when it comes to the saddle as soon as it lands on his back (wether I do it slow or quick) he takes off bucking. He’s good to cinch up with my surcingle and such. I can throw stuff all around him. It’s only the saddle. 

How do I stop this?

As soon as it’s fully on his back he’s gone and it falls off. I try to turn him so I can keep it on him but he kicks out at my knees. 

I’ve thought to try and tie him but worry I’ll get in a huge wreck.