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Garreth Strickland

Berkeley Springs, WV, United States

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Oct 21 at 08:46 AM

Yes sir robby and I have been friends a long time. 


Oct 16 at 07:29 PM


Hate that I missed your clinic over the weekend! Good friend of mine was there riding a filly I started couldn't believe he was taking her since he hadn't rode her since right after I brought her back but sounded like they had a good time!

Oct 04 at 02:51 PM

Richard Boatwright didnt see your comment until today. 


Oct 04 at 02:46 PM

Richard Boatwright yes sir i started him ive had him almost 60 days got on him first couple days just because he was so easy going! on the ground he has no problem moving his feet but on his back he's pretty dull im hoping they leave him with me another 30 days 


Aug 15 at 12:16 AM


Richard Boatwright no worries completely get it! I have a hard time navigating computers period so can't judge someone else on how fast they respond lol 😆 got a new colt in the other day going to start him in the morning 


Commented on Getting the buck out

Jul 18 at 06:16 AM

i have one thats acts about the same i bought this horse knowing he was going to be a challenge and boy is he 1st one thats bucked me off in awhile and i new it was coming lol so i just decided to approach him like i do a colt try to fix holes in the foundation either someone has broke this horses trust or he learned that if i act like a squirrel get all big eyed and blow that people will just leave me alone or he is just an outlaw and why i ended up with either way im going to give a fair shot at having a good life with me or sending him down the road! honestly i think it really depends on how much your willing to put into one and you have to look at do you think he will make the type of horse there looking for?

Commented on Saddling issues

Jul 06 at 02:58 AM

just went threw the same thing with a colt i have in for training he had been saddled 5 or 6 times before i got him and everytime he popped his cork so wasnt a good experience for him so i started with just a rope then a girth with a cinch and got him to except that then i moved to a very small pony saddle then back to my saddle it was a 2 week journey and some of those days it seemed like he was never going to get it but today he finally let me saddle him and work him with out anything ugly happening even got some weight in the stirrups so stay the course follow the code reward the smallest of tries thats my 2 cents 

Commented on Small Success

Jun 05 at 11:37 PM

Hopefully real soon! Wanted to come on the 10th but we have a saddle club show that day have to go support the family! It's also good for the horses I have in for training to get out and get some exposure its awesome to see someone I went to school with be into the same thing I am!!! Got an old head horse I want to use some and got a filly in for training that I'd like to get on some cattle!


Commented on Small Success

Jun 03 at 05:48 PM

Lucas where are you located? Isn't Bedford pa by chance is it?

Replied on Thanks

May 25 at 11:35 PM

Richard Boatwright ok that is great and no August isnt to far off i need time to plan for something like this with kids clients etc. I have family in south Carolina couple hours away from where you are  I believe they raise cutting bread ponys at least last I heard lost touch over the years