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Ronny Foland DVM

Weatherford, TX, United States

Oct 03 at 06:34 AM

Yes sir. Getting better, calving fall cows now. Just taking him to the pasture and letting him walk among them. Also, since I'm not a good hand, I have tried leading him up to a baby calf that is lying down and letting him get as close as he wants. I'm trying to check my ego at the door and help him the best way I know. 


Sep 20 at 04:06 PM

6 yr old gelding, snaffle bit trained, gentle, kind, willing, has been started on heading and heeling, has drug some calves and loaded trucks, no buck, no kick.  Seems to have a fear of young calves, he does not buck, he just wants to leave.  I have tried different things to help.  I have had no success.  I would appreciate some advice.  Thank you in advance.