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​​The ultimate in horsemanship training.  Our virtual apprenticeship program.

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Go Where Few Have Gone Before

Join The Finish Community and experience a new level of horsemanship.

Access to The ES20 program. Coming fall of 2023.

Exclusive discounts on gear from other premium sites.

Exclusive welcome package with annual membership.

Access to entire Ranch Horse Ten Commandments video library

Access to our expanded library of videos including how-to's on roping, working cattle, etc. (over 200 videos and growing)

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25% discount on all B1 merchandise and gear.

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One-on-one coaching.

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Not for everyone. 

The Finish is a comprehensive program designed for only the most dedicated student.  It's everything we have to offer.

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The Finish will get you there.

Not just videos, but a one on one relationship with your guide and mentor.

The best of the old..and new

​​Knowledge used to be passed down through apprenticeship programs.  From master to student.  Today, you can have the same experience AND enjoy the benefits of online learning.

Mentorship from one of the greats

​​Richard has done it all from managing award winning horse programs and ranches to teaching individuals the basics.  Let him curate your journey from hungry student to keen-eyed master.

Your life's purpose fulfilled

​​Being a great horseman is a lifelong pursuit.  The knowledge and experience isn't available to those with a weak constitution.  But for those who can't stop thinking about it, we offer The Finish.

Are you qualified?

​​Open only to those who are willing to dedicate the time and effort to become great, The Finish will make you great.


John B.

"B1 horsemanship has not only been a great source for training my horses, but it is also quite entertaining. Richard gets right to the point, he doesn’t waste time and he is very good at helping you and the horse understand the overall vision. He always puts the horse first. He is honest and patient with subscribers and horses. Thankful to have found a trainer that has made it so easy for me to follow his techniques and lessons."

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One of the best trainers around. You won't find a better platform than the B1 offerings on which to develop your own horse training and horsemanship skills. Richard dispels many of the 'magical horsemen' myths while giving each horse a good deal. Can't recommend enough.

Rachel T.

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Very professional, video quality is great. The site is Easy to use and easy to understand. The calmness that is exhibited is remarkable.

I have used many of the techniques on my horses and have been very pleased with the results.

Jarrett W.

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