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There's a solution for every problem your horse has and a video showing how to use it.

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​​Whether you want to compete, ranch, or just trail ride, The Ranch Horse Ten Commandments has got you covered with videos showing how to build the solid foundation EVERY horse needs.

Safety is the mission

​​A horse that lacks fundamentals is an unsafe horse.  Get the education you need so you can know what to do and when.

Why Ten Commandments?

​​Every fundamental issue your horse has will fall into one of these ten categories.  The old timers called them "holes" and every horse had at least one.  Now you can fix them!

Backed by 30 years of experience

​​Richard Boatwright has been starting and training horses for 30 years.  You can benefit from all that experience.  Just click the Join Now button learn from one of the best horsemen in the industry.


John B.

"B1 horsemanship has not only been a great source for training my horses, but it is also quite entertaining. Richard gets right to the point, he doesn’t waste time and he is very good at helping you and the horse understand the overall vision. He always puts the horse first. He is honest and patient with subscribers and horses. Thankful to have found a trainer that has made it so easy for me to follow his techniques and lessons."

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"One of the best trainers around. You won't find a better platform than the B1 offerings on which to develop your own horse training and horsemanship skills. Richard dispels many of the 'magical horsemen' myths while giving each horse a good deal. Can't recommend enough."

Rachel T.

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"Very professional, video quality is great. The site is Easy to use and easy to understand. The calmness that is exhibited is remarkable.

I have used many of the techniques on my horses and have been very pleased with the results."

Jarrett W.

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