Charlie is the sweetest trail horse you'll ever meet!  Raised, trained, and used on a Texas ranch before coming to South Carolina to ride the trails and work cattle.  This guy is safe for anyone, fearless on the trails, and 100% sound and sane.  Standing at only 14.1 hands, Charlie is easy to get on and off and he has the most comfortable trot and lope of anything we have!  You'll love going out to find Charlie greeting you at the gate ready for the day's adventure.  He'll take you anywhere you want to go and get you back home safe and sound then he'll stand statue still while you get on and off, even use a mounting block!  Charlie is a very easy keeper and stays chubby and jolly.  This cute guy has ZERO issues and loves attention!  You will love him!

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Martini Smarts



A trained cutter, Martin has experience on the ranch and in the show pen.  After 2 full years in training and several trips to ranch horse shows and trail rides, this guy is as seasoned as a 4 year old can get.  Ride him in a bridle or hackamore and he'll stay light as a feather in your hands.  He lopes pretty circles, changes leads effortlessly, spins, and sliding stops.  Work cattle out of the herd or box and go down the fence with speed and confidence.  

Martin is a classy mover and handles himself with grace and style no matter the situation.  Great on the ranch and trails, not spooky, and safe for most riders. 100% sound and no issues or vices.

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