Humble Beginnings

Richard Boatwright, a working cowboy for over 25 years, hails from the vast landscapes of south Florida where he absorbed cowboy logic and the essentials of horsemanship from his father. Growing up amidst a diverse array of horses, from shetland ponies to off-track thoroughbreds, Richard developed an unbreakable bond with the horses he grew up with.

From Rodeos to Ranches

Richard's rodeo days, particularly in saddle bronc riding, added a chapter to his equine journey, but he eventually shifted focus to ranch work, finding a home at the renowned Creek Plantation. Under the mentorship of Jack "Richie" Roberts, Richard began his career with performance horses, facing the challenges posed by tough and rangy stock. His tenure at Creek Plantation provided invaluable experiences with both blue-blood performance horse and foundation ranch bloodlines.

"Richard is one of the very few trainers that can boast of being head trainer for two AQHA Remuda Award winning ranches."

Over the years, Richard worked with esteemed outfits such as the University of Georgia, Bartlett Ranch, and the Gregory Ranch in Buffalo, WY where he honed his craft with both horses and cattle.  Richard is one of the very few trainers that can boast of being head trainer for two AQHA Remuda Award winning ranches.

A return to Creek Plantation for a 5 1/2 year stint as head trainer and horse division manager preceded the establishment of his own venture, B1 Ranch Horsemanship.

New Horizons

Richard's life at Creek became the focal point of the YouTube series "Low Country Cowboys," comprising 44 videos and 27 episodes, amassing 2.5 million views. This success prompted Richard to create instructional videos for ranch employees shaping the foundation of B1 Horsemanship, an educational platform for horsemanship enthusiasts.

Living The Dream

Retiring from full-time ranch life, Richard now operates a small horse and cattle operation outside Greenville, South Carolina. His priorities include giving clinics, contributing to B1, serving performance horse clients, and cherishing family time. B1 Horsemanship stands as a family-run small business and a beacon of authenticity anchored in honesty, integrity, devotion to God, and family values. In a realm teeming with giants and charlatans, Richard Boatwright remains committed to being a monument to great horsemanship, offering guidance to exceptional individuals and their equine companions.