What We Do

B1 Horsemanship is a member driven platform that gives an up close and very detailed series of instructional videos created to help people in the ranching and horse training industry as well as the casual horse owner with their horse and stockmanship skills.  Every video on this site is uncut, unedited, and authentic.  We strive to show the real, raw side of horse training and stock handling from a perspective never before documented.  

Ranching, roping, starting colts, and horse training are dying arts in today's world. Richard Boatwright is a lifelong student of horses and cattle and his genuine love for his craft is evident in these videos.  Dust, mud, sweat, failure and success is all part of life with livestock and B-1 shows it all. From the first day in the round pen with a salty filly to ranch work horseback and roping, it's here.  

How To Watch

There are basically 2 ways to watch B1 content.  The first way is to scroll through our previews and select out the individual videos that look appealing to you.  This is a good way to get the content you want quickly.  The second and best way is to pick a horse you like and binge watch the entire series.  This way you'll get the real picture of what the process looks like and you'll be sure to not miss anything.

Our "Tips" category is where you can find advice, hacks, thoughts, and philosophy taken straight from the long form videos.  

We will be continuously uploading new content as we have a huge amount of raw footage stockpiled from hours of work both in the round pen and out on the ranch.  

We sincerely hope that B1 horsemanship adds value to your life as well as the livestock in your care.  Please feel free to leave comments and suggestions or contact us at info@b1horsemanship.com with any questions you might have.

Thank you,

Richard, Natalie, Abigail, Mack, and Caroline Boatwright